My 2015 Letter to Shutterstock Employees

TO: All Shutterstock Employees

It’s Sunday. The first Sunday of 2015 and I woke up excited to start a new year with the Shutterstock team.

We’re at an exciting crossroads in our journey as a company. While we have done a lot in the past decade, we still have a lot left to do. Shutterstock started in 2003 with a single small business; today we are several businesses all working together toward a larger mission that gets larger every year. We used to serve creatives with one asset; today we supply several creative assets and services. In the near future we will be a part of the entire workflow of a creative professional.

We have the entire Internet ahead of us – and it’s an exciting time to be a profitable public platform. We have a unique chance at something revolutionary here. The number of companies that have gotten to our point is very small.

Decade of success? Check.
Multi billion dollar valuation? Check.
Profitable & No Debt? Check.
Founder/Owner Operator? Check.
Ability to juggle several business units at once? Check.
Ability to both build and buy businesses? Check.
The drive to do more and more no matter what challenges we face? Check.

We are in an elite class – and we need to stay there. But it isn’t going to be easy. With more success comes more competition. With more success comes more people looking to take the leadership position. In the past couple of weeks I’ve had time to reflect on who we are, what we do, and where we are going. Nobody knows the future, but I can tell you a few things:

We can get bigger this year. But we have to keep our level of efficiency – and become even more efficient.

We can get stronger this year. And yes, we have to prioritize, but we have to continue to push ourselves to do more and more – and take on more than we think we can.

We can set ourselves up for another decade of success. To do this, we have to be the best and most efficient in everything we do.

We will continue to be the leader. But we need to push ourselves to think differently. What worked last month may not work today. We have to be open to change. We have to be ready to adapt.

I couldn’t be more excited to start a new year with all of you. See you tomorrow, the first Monday of 2015.



  1. Alan Becker Photography

    Great track record Jon, and a great future ahead! All best, Alan Becker

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