Shutterstock position on US Executive Order on Immigration

Shutterstock Team,

Like many of you, I spent the weekend following the news on President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, which you can read more about here along with the full text here. While the White House continues to update details on the ban, our primary concern is to identify any Shutterstock employees or their families who may be impacted and to work with them to ensure their safety.

We are conferring with our immigration counsel to better understand the impact this has on our employees. The People Team is committed to making sure we have a full account of who might be impacted and offering assistance to those employees and their families. We are asking you to provide any information that may be useful in identifying and helping impacted employees, which the Shutterstock People Team will follow up on shortly. We appreciate your help in advance throughout this process.

Shutterstock has joined with a diverse and vibrant group of New York City tech companies to send a letter to President Trump to express our opposition to this ban that threatens those immigrants who are our current and future neighbors, employees, friends, colleagues, and customers. Shutterstock works with incredibly talented people from around the world, and we believe a diverse workforce is one of the things that makes our company great.

As we stated in the letter to President Trump, we should be doing everything in our power to attract talented people to the United States as well as those in need of a safe place to live. We are all immigrants and when we close the door to immigrants from certain countries, not to mention to refugees, we are telling all immigrants that they are not welcome here.

Lastly, another vital element of our country’s strength is our ability to peacefully protest and to vote. In the upcoming weeks, months, and years, I hope that we will all be vigilant in our efforts to find ways to express our views peacefully.



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